How to Code a Free Text Field Data to then be Captured?

A: In your code add the following. ("hospitalName" here is used as an example).

In the slide HTML file (e.g. slides/demo_slide.html):

<input type='text' id=“hospitalName”>

In the slide JavaScript file (e.g. code/js/demo_slide.js):

var slide = app.slide.demo_slide = {

 onEnter: function(ele) {

  slide.hospitalInput = ele.querySelector('#hospitalName');

  app.addEvent('blur', this.monitorHospital, slide.hospitalInput);


 monitorHospital: function(e) {

  var hospital = slide.hospitalInput.value;

  if (hospital) {{

    category: 'User input',

    label: 'Hospital',

    value: hospital






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