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Seismic and Brainshark have partnered to deliver a powerful new integration to offer a streamlined sales enablement experience. The integration includes the following features and benefits.

Embedded Brainshark Learning and Coaching provides easy access to Brainshark training from within Seismic.

Integrated Reporting combines Brainshark usage data with Seismic's LiveInsights offering a unified view of a team’s content, training, and sales activities.

Global Search searches both Seismic and Brainshark simultaneously and displays Brainshark content and training alongside Seismic content. Users can easily find relevant associated training.

Deep linking from Seismic Instructions and Pages directs users to the Brainshark embedded Learning and Coaching pages instead of a new browser tab.


Setup and Configuration

Setting up and configuring the integration is quick and easy and users can then immediately access Brainshark services from within Seismic. The entire integration is configured from within the Seismic App Catalog. Note that the user doing the configuration must be an admin in both the Seismic and Brainshark accounts.

Once the Brainshark app is is enabled from the App Catalog there are two sets of controls to be configured on separate tabs within the App. These controls have some redundant functionality so it's important to understand the interaction behaviors.

The main app switch must be enabled for any integration features to work in Seismic. There is a corresponding switch labelled Connect Brainshark to Seismic on the Configuration tab which must also be enabled.

The company administrator can control which features to enable by toggling the appropriate toggles on the configuration tab and the app details tab.

Prerequisites: Administrator account access to both the Seismic tenant and the Brainshark account

Select and enable the app extension points on the App Permissions page

  1. Locate the Brainshark integration app in the Seismic App Catalog
  2. Select the app install option
  3. Enable app extensions for each integration feature you wish to use by enabling the associated toggle control.
    • Enable or disable Embedded Brainshark Learning and Coaching Pages
    • Enable or disable Integrated Reporting Data Sync
    • Enable or disable Global Search

Select and enable integration features on the app Configuration page

The Seismic tenant account is automatically linked to a Brainshark customer account on first visit to this page by a Brainshark Cadmin. This page cannot be accessed and configured by a non-cadmin Brainshark user. When prompted, enter the Brainshark account credentials for your cadmin account to view this page and configure it.

    1. Enable the overall Brainshark app by the toggling the control labeled Permit Seismic to Connect to Brainshark
    2. Enable the Embed Pages toggle
    3. Enable the the Share Usage Data toggle and review and accept the terms and conditions linked from the page. Data will begin synchronizing immediately but it may take up to 24 hours to appear within LiveInsights.
    4. Enable the Search Seismic toggle
    5. Click Apply to save these configuration settings


Using the Integrated Features

Embedded Brainshark Learning and Coaching Pages

Once the Brainshark app has been installed and configured, all users in the Seismic tenant will have a Brainshark option on the left navigation bar in Seismic. Users can reorder the menu buttons by clicking the "hamburger" icon and then the edit pencil. Users who don't have a Brainshark account may find it useful to move the Brainshark menu item to the bottom of the page.

Clicking Brainshark Learning or Brainshark Coaching from the Seismic navigation menu loads the corresponding page in Seismic. If a user does not have an active Brainshark session, they will need to complete the log-in flow and either select their SSO login or log in manually with a username and password.

Once a Brainshark session is established, users can explore Brainshark from within Seismic just as they would when accessing the site directly.

Integrated Reporting

Brainshark data is automatically synchronized to Seismic to provide integrated reporting insights. It may take up to 24 hours after the integration is enabled for Brainshark data to first appear in Seismic. Thereafter data updates should occur approximately ever 12 hours.

Three new pre-built dashboards are included with this integration. To access these reports navigate to LiveInsights →Analytics → Seismic Managed → 1. Role-Based → Sales Enablement

The pre-built dashboards include:

  1. Training Engagement - Provides a high-level overview of how users are engaging with Brainshark training.
  2. Training Impact - Provides insights into how Brainshark training activity correlates with Seismic content usage.
  3. Training Impact Enhanced - Provides insights into how Brainshark training activity correlates to CRM sales success metrics. Note that this dashboard is only available if your Seismic tenant is synchronizing CRM data to Seismic via the Seismic Business Data Enrichment app.

Custom dashboards using Brainshark data can be created using data from these new tables:

  1. SRS_USERS - this table stores data around your Brainshark users. It joins to the Seismic Users table.
  2. SRS_OBJECTS - this table stores data around your Brainshark lessons and paths.
  3. SRS_USERACTIVITY - this table links to both SRS_USERS and SRS_OBJECTS. It represents all user activity including assignments, training progress, and training completion.

Global Search

Global Search searches both Seismic and Brainshark and displays relevant Brainshark content and training alongside Seismic content. Users can easily find content and associated training. When Global Search is enabled, a new tab appears in the Seismic Search Results page labeled "Brainshark." This Brainshark search results page shows all of the search results returned from Brainshark. Additionally, when the card view is selected on the All Search tab three Brainshark search result samples are included.


Upgrading the App

From time to time to time updates to the integration app may be necessary. Check to see that you have the latest version of the Brainshark app for Seismic. If an update is available an “Upgrade available” notice displays on right side of the app entry under Seismic’s Manage Apps/My Apps.


Disabling the Integration

Disable all Brainshark and  the Brainshark app by clicking the toggle on the app configuration page or the app entry on the MyApps page. This action temporarily disables all integration features but leaves the configuration settings intact.


FAQs and Known Issues

How does this relate to the legacy Seismic/Brainshark integration?
The v1 integration synchronizes Brainshark presentation or course links into Seismic as URL content types. The v2 integration provides embedded Brainshark Learning and Coaching pages, Global Search of all Brainshark content, and integrated reporting. The v1 integration assistance from Support to set up and the v2 integration can be set up easily by a customer admin using the Seismic App Catalog.

Can I limit which users or user groups are shown the new Brainshark UI Integration?
This feature is being developed.

IE11 browser support
IE11 browsers are not supported.

Brainshark email links do not direct to Seismic
Note that application links that are available to users from Brainshark are not modified to direct users to access Brainshark pages through Seismic. For example, users may receive coaching emails which include links to challenges. Please contact us if this affects your organization.

Do users need to log into Brainshark each time they access Brainshark through Seismic?
No. Users will remain logged into Brainshark while their session is active. Maximum session length varies based on your customer configuration with Brainshark.

Who should I reach out to with questions or feedback about the integration?
We would love to hear your feedback on this integration and any insights you may have about other features to consider. Please reach out to us through your account manager or support representative.



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