Remove " on behalf of" when sending an email from Salesforce

When we send an email from Salesforce, for example sending an email via Apex class, when we receive the email, the " on behalf of" phrase appears.

Resolution Salesforce is not adding that into the emails, that is caused by the email client, which is specific to Microsoft Outlook.

We follow the standards for sending emails, which says that when you are sending on behalf of someone (according to Microsoft SenderID) you should set the Sender field in the header of the email. In this case we set it to sender:

To remove " on behalf of" follow these steps:

  1. Click on Setup | Email Administration | Deliverability 
  2. Locate the Email Security Compliance section
  3. Deselect the Enable Sender ID compliance box 
  4. Click Save

The emails you send will no longer include the " on behalf of".



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