SFDC Usersync : Adding users to the Salesforce report after initial sync does not create users in Brainshark

*Note: AFTER the sync runs the settings should be mapped back to the Last Modified Date in the report


The Usersync is triggered by the Last-Modified date field in Brainshark being mapped to the Last-Modified date field in the Usersync report.    If the SFDC last modified date is newer than the last time the user sync ran  (24 hours ago or 9 pm EDT the previous day).    

Issue:  If the Salesforce report is changed to add additional Users but the users themselves are not being updated in Salesforce then the last modified in Salesforce is not likely to be newer than the last time the user sync ran. When this happens the users are not created or updated in Brainshark for those users newly added to the report.

Solution:   The fix is to create a custom field on the user object in Salesforce that will reflect a date/time newer than the last time the user sync ran.

  1. Create a custom formula field on the User object.mceclip6.png
  2. The field type is Formulamceclip7.png
  3. Output type is Date/Timemceclip8.png
  4. Formula is NOW()
  5. This field does not need to be made visible on any page layouts.
  6. Edit the SFDC Usersync Report to include this column and save the report.
  7. Edit the Brainshark Usersync settings using the Manage Integration Admin function in Brainshark
  8. Edit the current Salesforce Integration using the Actions menu.mceclip1.pngmceclip3.png
  9. Map the Last-Modified date in the left column and then choose the dropdown in the right column and choose the new columnmceclip0.png
  10. Click apply this will close the window and bring you back to the Integration Profile Page
  11. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save
  12. When the user sync runs next the users that do not yet exist in Brainshark will be created as long as the Self Registration Setting is Enabled in Brainshark Admin.   (Administration-->Advanced Options-->Self Registrationmceclip0.png
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