Installing the Brainshark CRM Connector for Salesforce package in Salesforce

Follow the below steps to install the Brainshark CRM Connector for Salesforce package in your Salesforce environment:

    1. Login to your Salesforce Environment.
    2. Open a new tab in that browser and paste in the provided Salesforce link.*
    3. Select Install for All Users and click Install.
    4. Select “Yes, grant access to these third-party websites” and click Continue.

After a while, you will receive the following message:


This app is taking a long time to install.
You will receive an email after the installation has completed.


At this time, you will be able to click Done and wait for the email indicating that the package has been installed.


*Note: If you are installing the package in your Sandbox environment, make sure to change the link from the following:

 to this:


Please note: The above steps are a guide for the initial installation of Brainshark CRM Connector for Salesforce. Your assigned Project Manager will be contacting you shortly and will be your guide through configuring additional components of your Brainshark CRM Connector for Salesforce solution.

For all other questions, please contact Brainshark Support.

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