How do I grant Head Coach (Challenge Administrator) permissions to a user profile?

Head Coaches are otherwise known as 'Challenge Administrators'. This is a permission that Company Administrators can grant to user profiles. 


To enable this setting individually, please navigate to:

  1. Select the Administration tab from the top right of your account.
  2. Select Users from the Left-Hand Settings.
  3. Select Manage Users from the dropdown menu.
  4. Search for the user profile.
  5. Select the three dots (ellipses) that appear when hovering over the profile on the right.
  6. Select Roles & Privileges.
  7. Under the Coaching section enable the slider labeled Activity Creator.
  8. Enable the slider next to Head Coach.
  9. Click Save to store changes.


This can also be performed for a large number of users with the User Bulk Upload form


Note: 'Activity Creator' is a prerequisite setting for the Head Coach permissions. 


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