How do I control who receives the account lockout e-mails?

After too many failed password attempts, a Brainshark account can become locked and will need to be unlocked by a Company Administrator. When this happens, an e-mail can be sent to alert the Company Administrator that the account needs to be unlocked.

A Company Administrator will be able to set who receives the account lockout e-mails.

To edit who receives the account lockout e-mails:

  1. Click on your name and company name in the top-right corner of your Brainshark page.
  2. Select Administration 
  3. Click Logins and Passwords on the 'Advanced Options' card
  4. Scroll down to 'Lockout email' and enter the e-mail addresses separated by commas (please see screenshot below)
  5. Scroll down and click Apply.​

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