How do I delete a user?

A Company Administrator or a Learning Administrator has the ability to delete a user. Typically a user is deleted if they are unlikely to use Brainshark in the future, but the organization wants to maintain records of the user's personal information. The user may be restored by a Company Administrator if needed. 

To delete a user:

  1. Navigate to your Administration tools
  2. Select the Users  in the left hand menu items and select Manage Users:
  3. Search for the user you'd like to delete
  4. From the Actions menu, select Delete User next to their name:
  5. If the user is assigned as a manager, you can choose to change the manager of the users listed to another manager, or remove the manager entirely:
  6. If the user has created any content, you can choose to delete all of these items or reassign them all to a Company Administrator:
  7. Confirm deletion by click Submit:



*Note: The prompts shown in steps 5 & 6 are only displayed for users where further action is needed. If the deleted user is not a manager or has not created any items, these windows will not appear.


Additional Training 

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