What are the Primary Brainshark Roles?

The Brainshark platform has four main roles. The same user can have multiple roles within a company site. If you are using the Brainshark Learning and/or Coaching platform, there are additional roles that would need to be considered, however these are not outlined in this article. 

The primary Brainshark roles are defined below:


Although a Brainshark presentation can be sent out and viewed by anyone with Internet access, a registered Viewer is one who has been given a username and password on the Brainshark site so they can view Brainshark presentations that require a login.


A Brainshark Author is a registered user who can view and create content, distribute new and existing content, and generate reports on self-created content. Authors can also move content into the enabled folders. 

Folder Administrator

Folder Administrators can run reports on all content within the folders that they manage; including content that is assigned to different authors. 

They can edit the name and description of their folders, manage which users have access to their folders, and create additional subfolders. Folder Administrators can also approve or deny any content stored in the folders they manage that requires content approval.

A Brainshark Folder Administrator has limited administrative privileges. Folder Administrators cannot configure global site settings such as the creation and deletion of users and groups.

Folder Administrators can also be given additional privileges (via a company level setting) to manage the presentations that are in their folders. This setting is called the Enhanced Folder Administrator. This additional permission level includes the ability to change authors, modify settings, inactivate, delete, and edit other author's content stored within the enabled folders. Folder Administrators access this functionality via the Administration tab toward the top right of their Brainshark accounts. If enabled, this applies to every Folder Administrator in the company account. 

Company Administrator: 

Within a Brainshark site, the Company Administrator will oversee the setup of the site and maintain the aspects of the site that relate to how all users interface with it and its content. This person is a resource for internal users and will be charged with adding, deleting, and granting privileges to users, adding deleting, and establishing settings for groups, adding, deleting and setting permissions for folders, as well as reporting. Company Administrators have access to configure any settings for the company site as a whole.


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*Note: Only Company Administrators can request to enable the Enhanced Folder Administrator setting.


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