How do I Inactivate, Delete or Permanently Delete a User?

Brainshark Company Administrators are authorized to delete, permanently delete, and inactivate users on their company's site. Please see the attached guide for details and instructions on these actions. 


  • Users that are permanently deleted accidentally cannot be restored
  • If a user was accidentally permanently deleted, they will need to be added as new users in the account. 
  • We recommend creating a fake account or "placeholder" account to apply all enrollments, coaching activities, and coaching reviews to when deleting accounts. 
  • Before a user profile may be deleted, all of their content must be assigned to a different administrator or deleted. Upon restoration of a 'deleted' profile, their content will not automatically re-assign back to them. Our reporting also currently does not have historical record of which presentations were previously assigned to which author. The reporting can only display the current assigned author. 

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What is the difference between Inactivate, Delete or Permanently Deleting a User?


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