What are the Learning Roles?

The Brainshark Learning platform has five (5) roles. These are in addition to the four (4) primary Brainshark roles. An individual can be assigned multiple roles, and every role does not need to be filled.



A Student is an individual designated to take formal learning courses in Brainshark. They can print or save certificates of completion, and generate a report on their transcript. A Student does not have access to any other reports. Students may also self-enroll in courses that are available as open enrollment in the Course Catalog. They can run a Student Transcript Report.

Learning Author

A Learning (Course) Author may define/ create, archive, inactivate, and/or expire their Brainshark courses and curriculums. A Learning Author establishes completion criteria, enrolls students and groups, schedules and sends email reminders, and generates reports to track student enrollment, progress, and results. They can run reports on their content.

Group Manager

A Group Manager is an individual who requires the ability to track and report on the progress of their group or team members. Their reporting access is limited access to the Enrollment Report for Group Managers that shows completion and enrollment statuses for their group. Group Managers may request to receive system-generated emails with copies of their group’s completion certificates.

When the Enhanced Group Management functionality is enabled in the site, Group Managers can also add or remove existing users/students/members from their groups. Group Managers can add new users/students/members to the Brainshark site and add them to their group if enabled by the Company Administrator. If the Group Management Deactivation feature enabled in the site, the Group Manager can also remove a user/student/member from their group and inactivate the member’s access to Brainshark.

Learning Manager

The Learning Manager has limited administrative permissions for managing Students and Groups. They can add and edit student profiles and assign Learning Authors and/or Learning Manager privileges. A Learning Manager can also create, edit, and remove groups and assign group membership, verify student course enrollments, enroll students in new courses, set student’s status complete, and generate Reports.

 Learning Administrator

The Learning Administrator has the same privileges as the Learning Manager with the added ability to configure the site’s overall learning settings. They are responsible for customizing the default email templates used for enrollments and reminders, defining the content types for any non-Brainshark courses, and managing the Learning Topics used in the Course Catalog. The Learning Administrator has access to all the learning content to students/groups and to send email invitations. Learning Administrators may change or reassign the author of an existing course, edit, inactivate or expire any course provided the Company Administrator has requested Brainshark Support “Enable Learning Admins to Edit Courses” setting. They also have full Student and Group Management privileges to create, edit, inactivate, and delete users and/or groups; and assign privileges to establish individuals as a Learning Author, Learning Manager and or Group Manager. For course access and creation, they assign permissions to individual Students or Groups to folders created by the site’s Company Administrator.


Additional Training 

(Brainshark.com/training): Brainshark Learning Definitions

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