How do I add a presentation to a Coaching activity?

When creating a new Coaching activity or editing an existing activity, Brainshark content can be added as supplemental information for Coaching participants to view prior to responding to the Coaching challenge. For example, a presentation of an existing Coaching submission can be added as a reference guide for any new participants looking to submit their own content.

To add a presentation to a Coaching activity:

  1. Create a new Coaching activity, or edit an existing Coaching activity.
  2. In the Add options, select Brainshark Content.


  3. Click on the desired Presentation title. The thumbnail and title of the presentation will be added to the Coaching Activity.
  4. Make any additional edits necessary, and be sure to submit your changes by clicking Send at the bottom of the page once completed.
    • You can also click Save as Draft if this is a new activity and is not yet ready to be sent to participants. 
    • If you are editing an existing Coaching activity that has already been deployed to participants, you may see a "Sent" button where a "Send" button would normally be. Clicking this "Sent" option after making your changes will apply them for all participants to see moving forward.


  • Participants must have viewer permissions to view any added content. More information on how these can be configured can be read here: How to Set User Permissions
  • Only presentations, not courses, can be attached to a Coaching activity. 

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