What is an external Coaching activity and how do I create one?

If enabled by your Company Administrators, an Activity Creator or Head Coach can create an external Coaching activity that can be completed outside of the Brainshark content portal. This may be accessed through an LMS (via SCORM), a 3rd party application, or via email using a direct link.

To create a new external coaching activity:

  1. Navigate to your Coaching tab.
  2. Click the red "+" icon to the right side of your Coaching dashboard and select New External Activity.
  3. Complete the following sections:
    • Add a title (required) and instructions (optional)
    • Attach content in the instructions section (optional)
    • Add participants:
      • You can add participants via the red "+" icon next to the participants.
      • You can also turn the option "Automatically add participants to the Coaching Activity."
    • Add reviewers manually or by each participant's Manager or designated Coach (required)
    • Establish the Feedback Criteria and select the Grading System
    • Establish the Leaderboard, E-mail, Practice, and Submission type settings
  4. Select Save to apply your changes.

When an External Coaching Activity is created, you can:

  • Select the SCORM package you would like to use with your LMS and click DOWNLOAD.
  • Copy the URL link to share the activity with the participants through which they can access the activity.


  • Only participants who have an active Brainshark account will be able to participate in this Coaching activity.
  • SCORM files created for an external Coaching activity do not pass completion over to an LMS. Since the SCORM file is created from a Coaching Activity which cannot be "completed", a student's completion status would not update in an LMS after uploading their submission.

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