Allowing Microphone and Camera Access on a Macintosh Computer

When utilizing the recording features within Brainshark, you need to ensure the microphone and camera is not only allowed on a browser level, but also on a system level.
 If you are experiencing an error message "Technical Error" on your Mac, please follow the instructions below:
  1. Open up System Preferences on your computer. (You can use Spotlight Search to find this quickly by hitting the Command + Space keys)
  2. Open Security & Privacy
  3. Click the lock 🔒icon to make changes.
  4. Under the Privacy Tab select Camera
  5. If you see Google Chrome or Safari unchecked, check it in so that Brainshark can access your camera.
  6. Select the Microphone option and do the same. Make sure Google Chrome and Safari is checked in to let Brainshark access your microphone 


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