How do I branch between Brainshark presentations through attachments?

Content Authors are able to add Branching as Attachments to Brainshark Presentations.

If you would like to branch between existing Brainshark presentations, follow the steps below:

  • Edit the presentation you would like to branch to and collect the URL under "Current Address"
  • Edit the presentation you are branching from, and click Add Attachment under the Things you can do menu
  • Paste the URL into the "Web-URL" option of add attachment and click Save
  • Go to Manage Slides and then click Edit on the final slide of the presentation
  • Click on the Attachments tab and mark Show link on this slide for: and select the link
  • Mark Auto Launch - After Slide Audio Completes
  • Click Save or Apply

Additional Training 

How to Re-Direct Viewers Using Branching


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