Brainshark UI Updates

As Bigtincan products are now coming together to create a more common look and feel, the new design updates will bring the suite of products together over time by using common elements and approaches to organizing and displaying information. The course and curriculum pages have undergone the following changes to help create a more simplified workflow. 

Updated User Interface

Table View vs Card View

If you wish to organize your courses and curriculums so you have a different view, switch back and forth between table view and card view by clicking on the view button.

Table View

The newly updated Table View now showcases Course icons and thumbnails.

Card View

In Card View, you will be able to dynamically interact with each course or curriculum by hovering your mouse over each piece of content. No more buttons! Simply click on the piece of content you wish to open.

Course Icons

Course Icons have slightly adjusted. See below for the icon in relation to the type of course.

Course Statuses

Previously, when you were enrolled in a course, once you began the course, you were marked as ‘incomplete’ until you finished. Now when you start a course you will see the status as ‘In Progress’. For courses that have not been opened, you will see ‘Not Started’.


Due dates will now be color-coded to help you better organize what you need to accomplish. Courses due within 7 days will appear with a yellow due date while overdue courses will appear with a red due date.

Filters & Chips

The filter menu has a newly updated look and feel. You will now find the button for Filters next to the ‘Sort By’ menu. You will be able to filter your content on your My Enrollments, Course Catalog, and My Course & Curriculums pages.

After selecting the Filters icon, the Filters menu will now appear on the right-hand side of the page.

As you select each attribute to filter by, your list will now populate with the filters you have selected. You will be able to easily view the filter “chips” you have selected on the right side of the screen, as well as exit out of any filter with the touch of a button.

Course & Curriculum Details

Course Modals

After selecting a course to open, you will see that the course details page has now been updated and is now contained within a modal. Your course details are now in a more organized and simplified manner, with several optional elements added in as tabs.

Curriculum Details

The Curriculum Details page has also been given a facelift. Easily find what course you need to take next with the area that says Next Course in Curriculum. The new progress bar also helps you track how much of the curriculum you have left to complete, while the dynamic menus allow you to expand and collapse modules for a more organized course list.

Checklist Activity

Checklist Activities now have a new look! Your Checklist Activity details page now consists of a progress bar along with dynamic components. You can easily see which checklist items you need to complete. To mark one of your checklist items as complete, check the box next to the checklist item and click on the orange Mark as Completed button. You will then see your checklist item change from incomplete and it will now showcase the date you completed the item.

Content Portal

Similar to the Learning pages, the Content Portal pages have now been revamped. The user interface has now been redesigned to give the user a more modern experience!

Updated Navigation

The content pages are now gathered under a single navigation heading.


Content Types

Like the Learning Pages, the content type icons have also been updated. These help the user know what they are about to experience and take the place of the existing thumbnail overlays like the play button. A Brainshark Presentation is anything that will launch within the Brainshark player. A Resource is any content with the ‘Launch First Attachment without Player Option’ enabled. When this option is enabled and a user clicks on the card, the card will download a file or open a link depending on the type of attachment used to create the content. 


Content cards have also experienced a makeover! You will now be able to see content type, as well as the duration, slides, views, and attachments.Screen_Shot_2022-08-09_at_4.24.01_PM.png

When you hover over a card, different commands will now be available to you. The favorites icon has now turned into a Star icon. You will also see icons for the share menu, Presentation Details Page, and actions menu.


Presentation Details Page

When you view details of your content, you are now taken to the newly updated Presentation Details page. The page is now organized in a way so that you can easily see the different details and data of your content.


Combined Share

The combined share page now showcases all of your sharing options in one place!


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