Error: "Cannot connect to server" when attempting to view a Brainshark presentation

Personal and corporate firewalls can interfere with your ability to access Brainshark presentations. 

If you are on a corporate network and can open a Brainshark presentation, but no content seems to load or you receive an Error Message: "cannot connect to server" when attempting to view a presentation, your company's firewall may be blocking the content. In this case, please double check with your IT team that these types of restrictions are not in place.

Some personal computers may also have firewall software installed which can be blocking rich media content and cause the Brainshark viewing console not to load content.

  • If you have firewall software running on your computer please make sure content from is allowed.
  • If that does not work please try turning off the firewall software briefly and try to view the presentation again. 


You should configure your firewall to allow content from Brainshark (or work with your company IT administrator if applicable). 



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