How to view your Coaching Submission as a Participant via the Learning tab


If you are a participant in a Curriculum or stand-alone Coaching Activity Course and have previously submitted an attempt, you will be able to view your submission after pressing submit.

To view your Coaching Activity submission and reviews:

  1. Log into your Brainshark account.
  2. Navigate to Learning Tab.
  3. In My Enrollments section, change the status to All.
  4. Look for the Curriculum and click View Courses; if it is a stand-alone Coaching Activity course, skip to the next step.
  5. Locate the course of the coaching activity and click View Details.
  6. In the pop-up window of the course details, select View Feedback.
  7. Here you will see your submission and any reviewers' feedback on the right-hand side.

*NOTE: If you have submitted multiple versions, you can select the version number in the Version drop-down menu.

You may need to scroll down the page to view all feedback given by reviewers.



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How to View Your Coaching Submission as a Participant




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