How to enable Background Audio


A Company Administrator has to enable 'Allow use of background audio in presentations.'  Once this is enabled by setting this option to "Yes" in Administration>Manage Company>Presentation Settings>General Properties, authors can use this background audio content on their presentations.  

An administrator can populate company level background audio by navigating to:

  • Select your profile, then Administration 
  • Select Media Library, then Background Audio 
  • Select Add background audio link 
  • Browse to an .MP3 file 
  • Select Save 
  • Repeat steps 3-5 for any other background audio files

There are two options for background audio. One is to allow people to use it and the .MP3 content is controlled at a global level (steps given above). The other, allows author users to upload their own tracks and create their own library. To enable the latter, an administrator would have to do the following:

  • Select your profile, then Administration
  • Select the Presentation Settings option
  • Select General Properties
  • Set "Allow authors to upload background audio files for use in their presentations" to Yes
  • Select Submit to save changes

Additional Training 

 Administration Home Page Overview.


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