How to Enable the Image Library for Your Authors

Your content authors may want to display a photo of the author or presenter to viewers for when they are viewing a presentation. As a company administrator, you can enable the use of Image Library for authors to use. To enable the Image Library, both the settings Author Per Slide and Image Branding will need to be enabled.

To enable the setting Author Per Slide: 

  1. Navigate to Administration
  2. Select Manage Company > Presentation Settings > General Properties
  3. Next to the setting Author Per Slide, select Yes
  4. Select Submit

To enable the setting Image Branding: 

  1. Navigate to Administration
  2. Select Manage Company> Presentation Settings > Viewer Options
  3. Next to the setting Image Branding, select Yes to 'Allow authors to override Author photo'
  4. Select Submit

*Note: The Image Library, when enabled, will be available for use by all authors of your Brainshark site.



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