How to Make the Most of your Support Ticket

Support tickets cover a wide range of topics from logging in to your account, creating awe-inspiring content, to answering questions unique to your business. The key to efficient and quick support will rely heavily on the information you provide. 

Here are a few helpful tips to expedite this process:

  • Provide the e-mail address associated with the Brainshark account
  • Provide the Link to the content you need assistance with
  • Provide a full-screen screenshot of what you are seeing
  • A full description of your request
  • What browser you are using while experiencing your issue
  • What device you are attempting to view this content on

Although these items help serve our customers as efficiently as possible, we are happy to help walk you through any support inquiry you may have.

NOTE: For more in-depth issues, Bigtincan Support may request permission to impersonate your account


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