How do I submit a new take (Response) to a coaching activity or manage existing takes?

As a participant in a coaching activity, you may want to submit a new take to an activity you have already sent a submission in for. 


To record and submit a new take: 

  1. Navigate to the Coaching tab in your account
  2. Click the name of the activity you'd like to submit a new take for
  3. Select the New Response button (see screenshot below)

  4. Click New Response button again above the video of your last take
  5. Select the option you'd like to use to record your new take
  6. Once you have finished recording your new take, you can click Submit under your new submission

*Note: Depending on the settings of the activity, there may be a limit to the number of retries you can submit. 


Managing Takes

As a participant in a coaching activity, you may want to record multiple takes to practice before submitting your final draft. These takes will be saved in your account, even if they aren't submitted.

To see all your takes:

  1. Navigate to Coaching tab
  2. Click the name of the activity you want to respond to on the My Activities tab
  3. Click New Response
  4. Click the Switch Take button next to the New Response button
  5. This will give you a pop up with all your takes (see screenshot below)
  6. Here you can click on any take to view
  7. If you wish to delete the take click the Trash can icon in the bottom right corner of your take



Additional Training 

Respond to a coaching activity  





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