How do I perform a Browser Trace: Google Chrome & Microsoft Edge

Bigtincan Support may request a browser trace to troubleshoot user inquiries. This article will detail the steps for running this test in Chrome and Microsoft Edge.  


Browser Trace Steps:

1. Select the three dots (ellipses) toward the top right of your web-browser.

2. Select More Tools from the dropdown menu.




If you don't see the Chrome menu button, such as a pop-up window, right click on the chrome window header to open the menu and select "Show as Tab" to get the standard Chrome window.




3. Click Developer Tools.


4. Select Network toward the top, in gray.

5. Directly below the Network button, Check the box to Preserve Log.


6. Navigate to the exact page you are having issues with, and once the issue occurs please right click in the area shown below and click Save as HAR with content.


7) Save the file to your device 

8) Send that saved file to Support via your Support ticket thread.



  • Opening the developer tools can also be done through pressing the F12 key on your keyboard
  • The above steps are for a tab or window.   If you are trying to capture a trace from a popup window then you will need to right click top bar in window and select Show as tab. Once this is done the below steps will apply (See Step 2).


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