Administrator Checkbox

An administrator may bestow further access and privileges to a particular user by labeling the user a "Group Administrator." Navigate from Platform Configuration > Users. Select the desired Group by browsing the existing groups in the first column or by creating a new group. For more information on creating a new group, see Create New Groups

Upon selection of the desired group, a column directly to the right will populate with the groups current participants. Administrators may browse the existing collection of users, or add a new user. For more information on adding users see Create New Users

Whether creating a new user or selecting a preexisting group member, administrators have the ability to deem the user as a Group Administrator on the "Edit user" page. Gain access to the pop-up window by clicking the pencil icon on the right of the user's name. Scroll to the bottom of the window, the display should resemble similarly to the following: 

Administrators will see the individual user's complete membership in groups at the bottom of the left hand column. By selecting the checkbox accompanying every membership, Administrators grant this particular user extra privileges by deeming them "Group Administrator."  

Group Administrator Privileges 

User's fulfilling the Group Administrator role gain access to a number of privileges including:

1. Adding/Removing users to the group they administer. 

2. Create new users in the tenant and add them only to the group they administer. 

3. Edit users from the tenant. NOTE: Group administrators cannot delete users from the tenant. 

Group Administrators have access to a limited degree of structural influence. Navigate from Platform Configuration > Structure for the explicit list of their group's access to particular Tabs/Channels. From here, a Group Administrator may: 

  • 4. Remove the group from channels. NOTE: group administrators cannot add their group to other channels.
  • 5. Create new channels to EXISTING TABS and add their group(s) to those channels. NOTE: Group Administrators cannot create new Tabs.