Web Conferencing Audio and Visual FAQs


Will my Phone Numbers Change if I Choose to Try the New Audio?
Your conference numbers, access code and leader pin will change. We will automatically update your account and any scheduled meetings with new meeting information. 
Do I Need to Cancel My Scheduled Meetings?
No, you do not. We will update them for you.
Who should I Contact if I have Questions During the Migration Process?
Your dedicated CSM will be available to answer all of your questions.
How/Why is This Better than My Current Meeting Audio?
ClearSlide’s new audio was rebuilt with modern technology to provide a clear, stable and integrated audio experience. 
Will the New Audio be Stable?
Yes, our new audio provides a stronger connection (fewer dropped calls), better audio quality (clear sound, fewer interruptions) and improved connection methods (input/output controls, join experience).
How will the Video Interface Change/improve during Meetings?
ClearSlide’s new webcam centers webcams when content is not being shared. Transition easily between face to face conversations and content sharing to stay in sync with your meeting attendees. The new interface also identifies active speakers a...
Which Countries are Currently being Supported by the New Audio?
Meeting attendees from any country will be able to connect to ClearSlide meetings via their computer audio. Dial in lines will be provided initially for these countries: US, CA, UK, AUS, NZ, PR.
Will my Audio Charges Increase if I Switch?
No, costs will not change for our dial-in lines, and we do not charge for VOIP usage. The new meeting interface encourages connection via computer, so your charges may decrease if more people choose VOIP over dial in numbers.
How Many Participants are Allowed on Video per Meeting?
Up to 16 webcams will be supported initially. We plan to increase this number in the future.
Can I Stop Participants from Joining via Video?
A webcam can be fully disabled for any user in the Group Based Permissions section of any admin account. Webcams cannot be restricted for a specific meeting.