Value Filtering

What is Value Filtering 

Value filtering is an advanced customization process for a widget. The basic filtering process allows for the discriminate filtering of a single value on a single widget. Values include specific activities such as Bookmarks, Opens, Shares, and more! 

Create a Filter

  1. Select Add Value

  2. Add Activity ID

  3. All Unique Activity

  4. Change title of Filter

Add a Value Level Filter

Once the Filter is created, you can add specifications to create a more tailored result. 

  1. Edit Value

  2. Edit Formula:
    Note: The following Screenshot displays the original formula in place.
    Encapsulate the formula with a set of parentheses, add coma, add  [Action Name] )The following image displays how the end formula should present. 

  1. Right click the “Action Name Field” and select “Add Filter”

  2. A window, similar to the following generates:

  3. Select the action type you wish the filter to present

  4. Select “Ok” to finalize the process 

Duplicate Filter 

Once a Value Level Filter has been made, you can easily duplicate the process and add a few adjustments to quickly build out your widget. 

  1. Select the ellipses (...) option next to the Filter title

  2. Select the “Duplicate” option, as seen above 

  3. This will paste an exact replica of the filter directly below the original. Simply edit the names for desired titles

  4. Here, you will repeat the “Add Value Filter Level” process, seen above. 

  5. Select “Ok” to save the process. 

  6. You will see parity between the filters added and the widget display

  7. Repeat with as many Filtering Values you wish to display.