Terms and Conditions

Zunos gives administrators the ability to define a set of Terms & Conditions that their users must agree to before they can access content in the Zunos iOS App or WebApp.

The Terms & Conditions will be presented to the user on first use, or after the terms have been updated if the Administrator chooses to re-prompt users to agree.

To set the Terms & Conditions can be set by logging into the Zunos admin portal and following the steps provided below.

     1. From the left menu, select Settings

     2. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings page where you can set your Terms & Conditions

     3. If you are updating your Terms & Conditions, you can use the Reset T&C's for all     users button which will force all users to view and accept the terms the next time t     they log in.

When logging into either the iOS App or WebApp, users will be presented with the following screens where they will be required to accept the Terms & Conditions before being able to access their account in Zunos.

Terms & Conditions Acceptance Screens

Zunos iOS App

Zunos WebApp