Tagging Guidelines

Administrators can add Tagging Guidelines for their company's publishers. This ensures a degree of uniformity in meeting their specific corporate policies. To construct Tagging Guidelines, navigate from Platform Configuration > Stories > Tagging Guidelines.   

Constructing Tagging Guidelines

Administrators will see a standard text box similar to the following: 

Administrators will type the desired guidelines for their publishers. The tool bar allows for text customization such as

  • Bolding: Represented by the Bolded B
  • Italicizing: Represented by the Slanted I
  • Underlining: Represented by the Underlined U
  • Insert Hyperlink  - Represented by the Chain Icon, to create hyperlinks to remote sites, email addresses, etc. within your Tagging Guidelines.

Once completed, save the guidelines by clicking the "Save" button in right corner above the text box. 

Accessing the Guidelines

Once the guidelines are saved, users who are publishing stories will access the guidelines during story creation/editing. In the Tags section of the story, users can click the option "Show Guidelines" prompting a pop-up window similar to the following: 

The administrator's Tag Guidelines will be displayed, allowing for quick access to the individual company's standards.