Sharing Stories via the Hub

In the Hub, there is large variety of stories. These stories may be shared with colleagues, customers, leads, and others via the Hub. And to top it all, if users have integrated their CRM account with the Hub, they can track the stories that they have shared with their customers and leads. Then it adds that much more value to all the events of this activity such as sharing, opening the shared email, and viewing the shared content since they all get tracked in the CRM account and will have an audit trail.

Users can share content in two ways

Sharing via HubShare

HubShare allows users  to share the story content with other Hub users, as well as people who do not have a Bigtincan Hub account. When the story is shared through HubShare, the recipient receives an email. The email design and structure is customized by an administrator. Files attached to stories can be included, and recipients can download them from the email. When the recipients open the email sent by the Hub, the sender will receive an email notification. This also gets tracked in the respective CRM account. 

Sharing via Social Media Accounts

Social media sharing allows story sharing to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts--only if enabled by the story author. A post with a link to the story and its files is generated when a story is shared via social media accounts. Followers can then click on this link to view the stories and download the related files. *NOTE: that sharing via your social media accounts will not get tracked in your CRM account.