Settings for iOS

The seventh and final section under the Me section is the Settings section. Here, users can find a variety of customizations for their profile, as well as Log Out of their account, view the various legal documents, and contact support. The various profile customizations are as followed:



Interest AreaUsers can select which interest areas they want to receive more information.
ChatUsers decide whether the want banner and/or sound notifications.
Push NotificationsUsers customize what kind of notifications they want to receive from the Hub on their device.
Email NotificationsUsers decide whether they want a variety of updates via email on various content.
Manage SubscriptionsUsers can edit which Channels or Stories they are subscribed to. 
Share Private Activity Stream This toggled option allows users to Share their Private Activity Stream, or not share it. 
Manage StorageAllows users to limit Chache size if desired, as well as present current File Statistics.
NOTE:  The Manage Storage functionality will throttle the amount of storage being taken up by story descriptions and their files.  Other supporting data like thumbnails, featured images, and other structural data frameworks are not counted against the managed storage setting on the device.

The app will also automatically and intelligently remove files previously downloaded/sync’d that have had little usage to make room for content being requested by the user once the Manage Content ceiling has been reached.

CRMAllows user to Integrate CRM by logging into Salesforce
Switch AccountsAllows other Users of the Hub to Login to their Account

Users may also Contact Support via email, prompted on this page. *Note users must assure their device's email is enabled in order for this function's success.