On the General page of Security, an administrator may customize a few different options. Those options and corresponding functions are listed in the table below. Navigate from Platform Configuration > Security > General to access the page. 



EmailThe checkbox, if enabled, assures email addresses CC'd in a message remain private.
Share BBC Addresses: Sends the shared content to the specified email address. Users don't have the option of deleting the BCC email address.
JavaScriptThese checkboxes, if enabled, prohibit JavaScript embedded within the files and stories respectively. 
WatermarkThis section allows for placement of customized watermark over material.

Overlay Text: Decide between "First+Last Name," "Last+First Name," "Email" or "Custom Text" for the watermark.

Tint: Select a color for the water mark

Opacity: Choose a percentage of transparency/opacity of the watermark.
Secure StorageEnabling this checkbox will blur email thumbnails.