Promoting Stories

Enabling Story Promoting

Users have the ability to promote stories from within the Hub through this quick and easy process. First, a user must be allowed access to promote. To ensure access, navigate from Platform Configuration > Users > Search for the Individual > Edit, symbolized by a pencil on the right of the user's name. 

Enable the "Story Promoting" option and save. 


Promoting a Story

Once users are enabled to promote stories, they will open the desired story they wish to promote.

In the top right corner of the screen, users will see an ellipses titled "More." Click this option and a drop down menu appears. 

Click the "Promote" action. 


This will prompt a screen similar to the following:

Users then will fill in the Title and Message. 

Next, a user will decide to whom they wish to promote the story. They can select "All" sending the message to all the company's users, or select individuals or certain groups. 

Finalize by clicking the "Promote" button.

*Note: Story Promote is only sent as a push notification (no email notification)