Personal Reports

Users may run reports on personal content/activity for a concise representation of actions taken. To run any of these reports, users navigate to the Reports section listed on the navigation bar located on the left side of a user's screen.


Overview of Personal Reports

Once in the reports section of the Hub, users must ensure they are in the "Personal Reports" section by selecting the "Personal Reports" tab located at the top of the screen: 

Here, users will see the various reports they may run divided into two different categories: 

My Content 

My Stories DashboardRun this report to see an overview of all story activity pertaining to the individual user.
My StoriesRun this report for data on the stories the individual user has published.
Activity on My StoriesRun this report to see activity on the individual's stories i.e. likes or comments
Activity on My FilesRun this report for a list of actions taken on the files attached to the user's stories. 
My Story SharesRun this report for a list of share activity on the user's stories. 

My Activity

My Activity on FilesRun this report for a list of actions the user has enacted on files.
My Activity on StoriesRun this report for a list of actions the user has enacted on stories.
Stories I have SharedRun this report for a list of stories the user has shared. 

Run Personal Reports

To run a report, simply click the tab and the report will automatically manifest in a new tab. The new tab will present a visual representation of the report similar to the following: 

Here, users have access to a wide variety of details pertaining to the report ran. User's may continue to scroll to the right for the comprehensive data. 

Run Multiple Reports

Users may simultaneously open multiple reports. Select the "Open Multiple" option in the top right corner of the "My Content" section: 

Select the different reports to run: 

Finish by selecting the "Open # Reports" located in the top right corner of the section.

  • Change the Date Range

    • Users have the ability to specify a date range and discriminate the the activity enacted within that date range. At the top right of the report, there are two calendar options, "From" and "To." Select the desired dates then "OK" to designate the date range. 
    • Partial or Full Data

    • Users may also designate how many results appear on the report. At the very top of the report, there is a drop down menu similar to the following:
    • Select either "Full" or "Partial" data. If selecting Partial, designate the number of results in the text box directly to the right of the drop down menu.

Edit Mode

Users have the ability to change the visual representation the report run by switching from "View Mode" to "Edit Mode." This option is located in the very top right corner of the report's screen: 

Selecting Edit Mode will prompt users to an editing tool similar to the following:

In Edit Mode, user's have a wide variety of customization options for the report including: Different Visual Representations (Bar Graphs, Line Charts, Pie Graphs etc.), Alignment, Color Designation and much more!