Monthly Report

Administrators have the ability to generate a monthly report that emails the results on the 1st of every month. The results will automatically and repeatedly be emailed to the recipients on a monthly basis.

How to Set Up a Monthly Report

From the main menu, select Reports in the side navigation menu. 

Select the "Monthly" tab. 

Selecting this tab prompts the following window: 

 Here, administrators will designate the specific details. 

Best Practice

 Any change in details will take affect in the next round of monthly generation. 

GroupsDesignate the Groups included in the report's results.
Smart GroupsDesignate the Smart Groups included in the report's results.
Custom Fields BreakdownDesignate the specifics of what type of results the report presents.
Exclude the Following AdminsDesignate the exclusion of specific administrators for this particular monthly report. 
Report RecipientsAdd specific users to receive the report.