Language and Translation Support

Bigtincan Hub is a globally utilized platform and offers 35 different languages for users.  Administrators assign the default language to the users and users have opportunities to translate their content, tailoring the message to a particular linguistic audience. 

Set Default Language for a User

To change the default language of a user, administrators will: 

  1. Navigate from Platform Configuration > Users > Select the individual user 
  2. Edit the user's profile by selecting the pencil icon  This prompts a pop up window similar to the following: 
  3. Once editing the user's profile, locate the section labeled "Default Language" 
  4. Select the drop down menu to browse through the supported languages. 
  5. Select desired language.
  6. Select the "Save" option to finalize the process. 

*Note: Bigtincan Content Hub supports a wide variety of languages including those practicing Right-to-Left script. To see how our Stories Description Text editor accommodates please visit Adding Description to Stories Using Text Editor