Interacting with Stories in the Hub

Users can "interact" with stories in the Hub by way of sharing them, subscribing to them, liking them, and more. The result of this is twofold - first, it gives authors an idea about the kind of content that users like or dislike and second, Bigtincan's machine learning capability allows it to analyze your likes/dislikes and recommend stories that are tailor-made for each individual. 

The actions that users can take on stories include:

  • Like and comment
  • Subscribe
  • Edit
  • Bookmark
  • Flag
  • Archive

Like and Comment on a Story

A user can Like and Comment on their preferred stories. This adds up to the user's Social IQ score and  allows users to convey their thoughts to the author.

Navigate to the required story and click Like. At the bottom of the story page, click Write a comment to convey thoughts on the story. 

Users can choose to receive notifications when others comment on stories that they have already commented on, and when others reply to their comments. 

Subscribing to Stories 

 Users can subscribe to all your preferred stories in the Hub. This notifies users of any updates or changes made to the story. To subscribe to a story, navigate to the required story and click More > Subscribe.

Changes can include changes to the description or the attachments. 

Editing a story

Apart from editing stories that a user has authored, a user can also edit stories that are authored by other users. But this is completely based on the administrator's permission. If an administrator has allowed you to edit other's stories, you can do so by navigating to the required story and clicking Edit

This opens up the Edit story page. This page is similar to the Create new story page.

Bookmarking a Story

Users can save the stories they'd like to see again by creating bookmarks. This action is similar to bookmarking favorite websites on a browser. To bookmark a story, navigate to the required story and click More > Bookmark

The bookmarked story appears in the Me tab of the hub. So next time you want to quickly access this story, navigate to Me > Bookmarks

Flagging a story

Users can flag stories to the author to explain an issue. To Flag a story users will:

  1.  Navigate to the story. 
  2. Select the story to access the storie's page: 
  3. In the upper right corner, select the ellipses labeled. This will generate the following drop-down menu. 
  4. Select the "Flag" option. This will prompt the following pop-up window:
  5. Here, users can select a type of a flag and provide context for the flagging.  
    • *Note: Publishers can resolve a single Flag, or all Flags at once

Archiving a story

A story can be archived if it is no longer relevant or required. The author of the story can archive it without requiring any additional permissions. Archived stories will be moved to the Archive tab in the Hub.

A user can archive a story that they did not author only if they gain permission via the author. Once archived by a non-author, that user can no longer view the story in the Hub. 

To archive a story, navigate to the story and click More > Archive.  Click confirm to archive a story.