Installation Bigtincan Hub for Gmail

The Bigtincan Hub Add-in is available in the GSuite Marketplace. The purpose of this new tool is to enable users to access and send content in your Hub when in Gmail directly. All, without having to switch back and forth from the Hub.

Domain Installation

  1. In Gmail, click on the sidebar plus sign to open the Add-ons marketplace. 

  1. Search for Bigtincan and click on the Bigtincan logo

  1. Select whether to install for your entire domain (only if you are an administrator for your Gsuite domain) or as an individual

  1. For a Domain-wide install, click continue after you review the agreement.

  1. Review the scopes that are required for the Bigtincan app to work properly and click Allow to continue.

  1. You will see the confirmation that you have installed the app. This will install the app for all your domains as an add-on. However, each individual will need to go through the process of authorizing Gmail for this app and then logging into Bigtincan from Gmail to complete the process. 

  1. You can also uninstall by returning to Google Marketplace and following the on screen instructions.

User Installation

Once you add the App to your domain, your users will still need to authenticate for their specific Gmail account.

  1. Open the App by clicking on the Hub sidebar icon and then authorizing access.

  1. Select the Google account that you want to use with the App.

  1. Allow Hub Add-on access to the individual Gmail account.

  1. Click on any email in your inbox to activate the Add-on in the sidebar. Then sign in to the Hub with your username and password. This will connect the specific user account with the Gmail account. 

  1. Sign in with your Hub account credentials to complete the process. 

See Bigtincan Hub for Gmail for more information on using the Gmail Add-on.