HubShares for iOS

The sixth section in the Me section is HubShare. HubShare allows users to share files in the Hub, outside of the Hub via Email. Once a user taps the tab, all their previous HubShares will appear in a menu on the left hand screen. They may, also, create a new HubShare by tapping the "New HubShare" button. 

After a user clicks the "New HubShare" button, this window will appear. Fill out the various fields with the appropriate information. Then, a user taps the "Add File(s)" option and selects the the story or stories they would like to include. Press share in top right corner to finalize the process. 

*Note: if a user chooses to to Auto Log Share to Salesforce option at the bottom of the screen, it will integrate the CRM ratings for that file's activity with the email's recipient.