How to Set Up Scheduled Reports

Administrators may schedule frequently run reports in the Admin Portal to save time 

Best Practice

The scheduler is available for every detailed report with the exception being the Activities' report. 

How to Schedule a Report

Find a large variety of Detailed reports located within the Detailed tab in Reports.

Open the report intended for scheduling and complete the fields in the Report Request section.

From the Report Request settings, you can set the:

Report Name: This title will appear in the Scheduled Reports List.
  • Recipient Email: The email address to which the reports are delivered. 
    • Schedule Time: The time this report will run for the first time.
      • Frequency: Specify between an isolated run or a reoccurring event, and at what time the recurrence will happen.  
        • Run Until: Define how long the report will run into the future on the recurring basis.
        • Date Mode: Indicate the date span requested in the report filters to be either automatically incremented or to remain static.

  • After setting up the report, click the Request Report button to schedule your report.
  • Best Practice 
  • To view scheduled reports, click on the Scheduler tab to view a list of detailed reports and the frequency of how often they're sent, or to change the settings/requirements on a scheduled report.

  • Best Practice

  • To see scheduled report in advance,  click on the Request Now button. This feature will send the scheduled report immediately and still continue to send the report on the scheduled date.

Clicking on a scheduled report in the list will allow you to make changes to the scheduled report settings as required.

Best Practice

If using Custom Fields, Administrators will see a Toggle to select or deselect the field(s) to include or exclude form the report