FAQ's about Managing Telstra Marketplace Users

I am a Zunos Admin where do I attain my Telstra Marketplace login credentials?

As a Zunos customer through Telstra, your Telstra Account Manager will be able to send you a Telstra Marketplace welcome email with your Administrator credentials to login.

My users names are not displaying correctly in Zunos?

This occurs if the Telstra Apps Marketplace user provisioning process is not followed. Please follow the instruction from the link here.

Can Telstra Marketplace users be made inactive?

No, user subscriptions are treated differently in Telstra Apps Marketplace. Zunos users in Telstra Apps Marketplace are either active or removed from the system. You can however re-add the same user again using TAM.

Where do I manage password resets?

This is managed in Telstra Apps Marketplace Users section. Click here to see how this is done.

I am an Admin user in Zunos, do I also need to be setup as an end-user to interact with Zunos?

 No, If you are an Admin within Zunos then you already have the ability to also login as an end-user and interact with the Zunos WebApp or iOS app, please insure you are logged into the correct portal. You do not need to create an additional user account to view user content as this will incur additional subscription cost which is unnecessary.


Why are some of my users unable to view content in Zunos?

 First thing to check would be which groups your users are assigned to, the reason this is important is content access in Zunos is controlled through the permissions assigned either at the folder or file level. We do not recommend assigning users as admins to overcome this, this will create additional complications. 


Need further assistance?

 In relation to TAM You are welcome to contact Zunos Support, Telstra Account Manager or Telstra Apps Marketplace Support on 1800 878 483.