Engager for iPadOS FAQ


Call History on iPad
Call history on iPad You can from Contacts and Accounts tab either select a contact or an account, respectively. Next, tap on the Call history icon and lastly tap on the synchronization icon in the upper right corner.  You will m...
Engager for iPad Manual
Engager for iPad manual The Engager manual is found within the Engager by first tapping on Settings and then tapping on User manual. Note that you need to have access to the internet to read it.
Forgot Password
Forgot Password If you have forgotten or need to change your password you can enter your Username on the Engager or Mobilizer login page and then click on the Forgot Password icon. An automated email will be sent to the email...
iPad Synchronization Frequency
iPad synchronization frequency Engager for iPad has automatic synchronization to be every 5 minutes.
Login and Sync Issues with iPad
Login & sync issues using Engager for iPad If you are having issues with your app, such as trouble downloading content, contacts, accounts, meetings, connection, or log-in errors, the following suggestions may solve the problem. These suggesti...