Edit User Default Settings

Administrators can set a series of default settings for when adding a new user, therefore, every subsequent added user will automatically have the predetermined settings, unless otherwise specified. To edit these default settings, Administrators will navigate from Platform Configuration > Users > All Users. 

Edit Default Settings

Select the pencil icon next to the "All Users" title for the drop menu seen in the example above. Select "User Default Settings" and the following pop up window will appear: 

Here, administrators have an extensive list of customizable settings for their onboarding users. 

Update Existing Users

Administrators, also, have the option to implement a change in a particular default setting for all members of the organization by selecting the checkbox titled "Update Existing Users."  Once updates are made, and administrators click "Save" the designated settings will apply to both subsequent new users, as well as all users within the organization. 

Default Settings 

Default Language Designate the standard language for users from an extensive list. 
Time ZoneDesignate the appropriate time-zone for users.
Digest EmailDetermine how frequently users will receive the Digest Email.
Configuration BundleDesignate the initial configuration bundle within which all new users will belong.
Private ActivityWhen enabled, your activity will not be viewable by others in the organization.
Story PromotingIf enabled, allows users to promote stories. When a story is promoted, users are alerted to the story through their device notifications system
Reporting/BIDetermine which reports can capture the user's activity ie. Personal, Company, Both or Neither.
PlatformDesignate which platforms user's can access the Hub.
Device Storage UnitEnable the cache size limit on user's devices and specify the desired number of GB.
*NOTE: If updating all existing users--select the checkbox "update existing users"--user's will have to logout and log back in before they see the update.