Detailed Reports Descriptions

Administrators access and run reports within the Admin Portal. See How to Generate Reports for instructions on how to run any of these reports.

Report Category: Achievements 

Best Used For

Achievement Engagement

An overview of all Achievement activities.

Achievement Summary by User Groups

Achievements specifically pertaining to each User Group.

User Achievement Detail Levels

Each user's levels completed on a selected achievement.  

User Achievement Detail Tasks

Each user's completed tasks on a selected achievement.  

User Achievement Detail Tasks V2

List users and the completion status of tasks in selected achievements 

User Achievement Progress

Each user's individual progress on a selected achievement. 

Report Category: Activities/Forms

Best Used For

Activities and Points

Activities that have been submitted and status of them (approved, declined or pending)

Forms Section DataDetailed account of specific reponses in certain sections of forms

Forms Submissions

Identification of forms submitted. 

Forms Data

List of all forms in system and status.

ListsAll content of Lists

User Activity Summary

Aggregation of user activity, form submissions, quiz answers and content views for each user.

Report Category: Assets/Devices

Best Used For

Device Summary

Summary of all the device type, system version and app version users have in the field.

User Devices

Provides device type, system version and app version against each user that has used the learning platform.

Report Category:
Best Used For
Assignment Details User completion details for Assignments

Report Category: Communication

Best Used For

Comms Summary

Summary of communications within app.

Message Read Status

Identifying which users have read a message and which users have not.

Notification Summary

Provides a summary of user engagement with notifications on a group level.

Notifications Engagement

Summary of engagement with notifications.

Notifications User Engagement

User engagement with notifications. 

Report Category: Content

Best Used For

All Content

Provides a detailed listing of all live media content in the organisation.

Completion Source

A report on if a user:

  1. Actually completed a piece of content. 
  2. Their manager marked them as complete.
    • *If marked complete by manager, who was the manager to mark the piece of content as complete. 

Content Summary

A summary of content views.

Content Summary by Groups

A summary of content views by group.

Content Summary by Tag

A summary of content views by tag.

Detailed Content Summary

A detailed summary of content views including folders and metadata.

Detailed Content Summary by User Group

A detailed summary of content views by user group.

Library Content

Detailed listing of content available in libraries. 

Scorm Records

Create a report that details for 1 or more SCORM packages in an org the key performance information provided by the package.

User Content Views

Detailed listing of user views of selected content.

Report Category: Courses

Best Used For


Provides list of courses that exists in the organisation along with any mediafiles, quizzes or other objects that are a part of that course.

User Course Progress Details

Provides progress of users for each course inclusive of completion status of each module within the course.

User Course Progress Summary

Provides progress summary of users for each course.

Report Category: Engagement

Best Used For

Current User Engagement

User engagement against published content and quizzes.

Engagement Summary Report

Detailed summary of Zunos engagement.

General User Engagement Report

Summary of Zunos engagement on content, times logged in, quiz questions answered, number correct and last action date. 

User Engagement Dashboard Scores

Reflects what dashboard scores existed for each user on a day by day basis overtime. 

Report Category: Events

Best Used For


Event session details and invitation/attendance counts.

Events Approval HistoryEvent guest registration and approval status change hisory.

Events Attached by Custom Field 

Shows user event attended status categorized by custom field.

Events Attendance Summary

Detailed list of users showing event invite and attended status.

Report Category: Leaderboards
Best Used For 
LeaderboardsA broad report of leaderboard activity.

Report Category: Monthly Report

Best Used For

Latest Monthly Report Links

Provides the latest links used for monthly reports.

Report Category: Quizzes

Best Used For

Quiz Answers

Detailed breakdown of quiz results per user.

Quiz Answers Summary

Answer totals for each quiz.

Quiz Engagement

A summary of user engagement with quizzes.

Quiz Results Summary by Groups

A summary of all quiz questions answered by group.

Quiz User Performance 

Performance of users in quizzes.

Quiz User Performance by Group

Performance of users in quizzes aggregated by group.

Report Category: Requests

Best Used For

Request Details

User completion by object for each request.

Report Category: Rewards 

Best Used For

Rewards Summary 

Shows a summary of reward code status counts.

Report Category: User/Groups

Best Used For

Audit Log

Identifies what actions were performed by a user within the learning platform.

Browser Versions

Summary of browser versions used when Zunos is accessed via the WebApp.


Shows a list of groups and their communication settings.

Smart GroupsList of Smart Groups and their user count. 
User ExportExport of Users in the same format used for user import. 

User Non-engagement

Report on users who have not recently used the application.

User Registration

Detailed report of all users in the system. On this report you can check who is using the app for your organisation. 

User Roles

Shows which roles users are members of. 

User Terms of Acceptance

Shows which users have accepted the user terms.