Custom Reports

The Hub Reporting tool provides users with the ability to create their own custom flat files depending on what data to which they access . Any custom reports built would appear in this section. Users can save it for themselves in ‘My Reports’ or save it for everyone in ‘Organisation Reports’.  

To view Organisation Reports or create a custom report, navigate to the Reports section listed in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen.

Overview of Custom Reports

Once in the reports section of the Hub, users must ensure they are in the Custom Reports section by selecting the "Custom Reports" tab located at the top of the screen: 

Here, users will see a cumulative list of the custom reports designated upon creation as "organisation reports:" 

Run Multiple Reports

Users may simultaneously open multiple reports. Select the "Open Multiple" option in the top right corner of the Organisation Reports section. 

Select the different reports to run: 

Finish by selecting the "Open # Reports" located in the top right corner of the section.

Create Custom Reports

To create a custom report, users will select "Create Custom Report" option in the top left corner of the section. This will prompt a drop down menu similar to the following: 

Select the appropriate report type, and users will be directed to a unique screen with customizable options specific to the selected report. 

Report Type
Web Report

Creation of a web report to be viewed within the Reports module on the web. 

Page Report

Creation of a page/pdf view of the report.

DashboardCreation of visualizations with the use of other reports.
Visual Analysis

Creation of a dynamic visualization for analysis purposes. 

*Note: For a complete tutorial on customizing the reports, select the Question Mark Icon in the upper right corner of the report customization tool: 

Save Custom Reports

 At the end of the customization process, user's have the opportunity to Save or Run their report. 

Selecting Run will automatically generate the report in a separate tab. 

Selecting Save will prompt a window similar to the following:

Here, users decide where they wish the report to appear. They may select "My Reports" or "Organization Reports."

Which category they select determines the reports placement and accessibility. If selecting "My Reports" the report will appear under the "My Reports" section of the Custom Reports Page. If selecting "Organization Reports" the report will appear under the "Organization Reports" section of the reports page and those with permissions to access the Custom Reports page will, also, see this report.