Custom Field for Users

In the user section, custom fields can be made available to provide additional information about users. Custom fields could provide user information ranging from Manager, Department or Staff ID.

How to add User Custom Fields

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on the Custom Fields' tab
  3. Name Enter the name of the custom field you wish to create and display in the User settings.
  4. Description Additional information describing the property of your custom field tag.
  5. Is Required? If enabled, the listed field in settings of content under Custom Fields will become mandatory to fill when adding new content in drive or creating new users.
  6. Visible to child organizations? If enabled in a parent in Parent-Child hierarchy, all children of that parent will be able to see and utilise the custom fields.
  7. Visible to Admin Only? If enabled only administrators will be able to view and search by this field via the Admin Portal. If not, users will be able to search these fields via the app.
  8. Active If enabled, places the Custom Field in a visible state for administrators to see when using the Zunos Admin portal. Make sure Custom Fields are set to active or they won’t display in the relevant area within the Zunos Admin portal.
  9. Entity Type The Entity Type determines which area of Zunos the Custom Field will apply to. In this case, the Entity Type is Users.
  10. Field Type Select the appropriate field type. You can choose from four selected types: Text, Email Address, List (Single), List (Multi)
  11. List Values This field will appear when the Field Type is set to a List. Here you can add multiple pre-defined values to select from when using this custom field.
  12. You can also set a Default Value, allowing custom fields to be pre-populated with a default value.

Where Will These Custom Fields Appear?

The fields will appear when you click on a user or attempt to add a new user. They will also appear on the import template in the last few columns.

Note: When bulk importing users using the import template, the names of the custom fields will update, always use the most recent template to successfully import users.