CRM Integration

Learn why and how to integrate your company's CRM account with the Bigtincan Hub.


Getting Started with CRM Integrations
Integrate the company's CRM account with the Bigtincan Hub. Integrating the CRM account with the Hub enables seamless exchange of data relating to contacts, events/meetings, opportunities and more. CRM integrations makes content creation that mu...
CRM Integration
The CRM Integration option allows administrators to configure the defaults for users when logging information to the CRM.  This section is optional as the integration can be used by end-users without setting up these defaults. Navigate to Pla...
Salesforce CRM Integration
Overview  The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the Salesforce CRM integration as well as provide the necessary guidance to successfully configure the solution. It is assumed that the reader already has accounts in both Bi...
Salesforce The Legacy Bigtincan Content App
*Note:  This support article refers to a legacy version of the Bigtincan Salesforce app. This version is no longer available for download. A new version can be downloaded from Salesforce App Exchange at