Getting Started with Creating Configuration Bundles

Configuration Bundles allow administrators to customize the Hub options of users and groups. Decide what users can view and edit via these Configuration Bundles. Administrators can customize everything from the Hub layout, user interface to integration and story settings. To create a configuration bundle: 

  1. Navigate to Platform Platform Configuration > Configuration Bundle. *NOTE: Configuration Bundles still exist v4. Simply click the link to access the Configuration Bundle page. 
  2. Click Create Bundle to create a new Configuration Bundle, prompting The Edit Configuration Bundle page 
  3. After configuring the required options, click Save to create the configuration bundle. 

The options available in the Edit configuration bundle page are listed below. 

General SettingsAllows you to configure basic settings such as browser restrictions, thumbnails, download limit and more.
TopicsAllows you to configure topic subscriptions.
External IntegrationsAllows you to configure connections to cloud repositories and CRM applications.
Home ScreenAllows you to configure home screens for user devices. 
LayoutsAllows you to choose layouts for the screen layouts.
My FilesAllows you to decide if users can create content locally.
Remote RepositoriesAllows you to select the cloud repositories that users can connect to. 
Content Bundle SettingsAllows to to configure the content settings available to users. 
Content Bundle OptionsAllows you to configure the actions that users can perform on the content. 
Content Bundle SharingAllows you to configure sharing options available to users.
UIAllows you to configure the various user interface options available to users. 
Web AppAllows you to choose the home screen and landing page when users log in.