Creating and Assigning Video Coaching To-Do's

Veelo's Video Coaching allows you to scale your training and coaching process to help users practice, reinforce training and up-level their skills to be more successful.  Managers can rate and provide feedback to individual users on their recordings.


This article shows you how to create and assign video practice sessions with the Video Coaching feature, and includes the following sections:

  1.  Creating and Editing Coachings
  2. Assigning a Coaching and Coaching Reviewers
  3. Managing and Providing Feedback

Creating and Editing Coachings

In the Management Controls area, click on the All Content tab, and click on the Coachings filter. Click on the New Coaching button.


  1. Fill in the information for your new Coaching:

    • Name: Give the Coaching a name.
    • Objective: Add a brief description of the learning objective or scenario to practice.  It can also be helpful to let your users know your rating criteria.
    • Suggested Maximum Length: Set the recommended length to provide users a guideline on how long the practice should be. The default is three minutes, but you can go as low as one minute and as long as ten minutes.
    • Example video (optional): You can upload a video or embed an existing video from YouTube to provide your users with an example for them to model.
    • Additional Options (optional): Expanding this section gives you access to the Manager Notes section, where you can leave information visible only to other managers, such as revision notes.

  2. Click Save when done. You will now see your new Coaching in the Coachings section.

  3. To edit a Coaching, simply click on the title, which will take you to the Coaching settings screen. Click on the Edit button or one of the Edit links to go to the Edit Settings screen, make your changes, then click Save.


Assigning a Coaching

Once you have created a Coaching, you can add it to a Collection, then add it to a Circle and make it a To-Do.


  1. On the All Content tab, with the Coachings filter selected, pick the Practice you’d like to add to a Collection, then click on the Add Coachings to a Collection button. Choose the Collection from the drop-down menu, then click Add to Collection.

  2. You can also create a new Collection and add the Coaching by following the instructions in our Creating Collections

  3. When a Collection contains a Coaching, it will be indicated by a clapperboard icon.

  4. To edit the Collection, click on it. You can add more content to the Collection (including more Coachings), remove content, and edit the order of your content on this screen.

  5. Now that your Coaching has been added to a Collection, you can assign it as a To-Do. To do so, follow the instructions in the Creating and Editing To-Do’s walkthrough, but note that To-Do's with at least one Coaching has an additional Reviewers section.

  6. To assign Reviewers, click on the Reviewers dropdown, and select one or more names from the list. Click Save to complete the To-Do assignment process.


Managing and Providing Feedback

  1. All video coaching reviewers will receive email notifications when they have new videos to review. Click on the link in the email to see the videos that need to be reviewed. Reviewers can also go to the Video Coaching tab in the Management Controls area. This area will provide an overview of which are due, the reviewers assigned to a particular coaching, how many are left outstanding, and how many have videos awaiting review.

    To view all the reviewers for a particular coaching and the number of coachings they've finished reviewing, as well as the number that still need to be reviewed, click on Show [number] of Reviewers, which will expand to show that information.

  2. To provide feedback on a particular Coaching, click on its name to open up the Coaching review interface. Select a user to watch their video, then use the text box and stars to provide feedback and ratings.

    To provide feedback keyed to a specific part of the coaching, pause during the part of the video and start typing in the comments box, and check the Add Timestamp checkbox, which will note the current timestamp. Click on Save Comment and the system will associate your comment to that part of the coaching. Add more comments and associate with more points in the coaching

    Click Send Feedback when done to email the feedback and ratings back to the user.