Create New Groups

Administrators may categorize users into groups to help with the communicative flow and ensure the right information reaches the appropriate group.

Create New Groups

  1. To create new groups, navigate to Platform Configuration >  Users >  Select the "+" at the top of the Groups column. 
  2. This prompts the following window for group customization:   
NameEnter the name of the group. 
NotesEnter a brief description of the group. Use this to describe the purpose of the group in the text field. 
Interest AreaSelect the checkbox to set the group as an Interest Area. 
ImageSelect an image to be the cover art of the group. Choose any of the available images or upload any image from a computer.

3. Select the "Create" option to finalize the process. To add this group to a specific channel and grant special privileges see Adding Groups to Channels

  • Adding New Users to Groups

When creating a new user, administrators can add them to a group. See Create New Users for more information. 

Adding Existing Users to Groups

1.To add existing users to groups, navigate to Platform Configuration >  Users.

2. Click on the required group. It lists all the users that are part of this group.

3. Click "+" in the upper right of the column seen above. 

4.  Select Add existing users and the following interface will appear:  Administrators may browse the list of users or use the search function at the top of the interface. 

5.  Select the "+" accompanying the user, finalize by selecting the "Add 'X' Users"