Create Menu Overview for iOS

In the upper right corner of any given tab users have access to the Create Menu. By clicking the the "+" symbol a drop menu appears for quick access to a variety of content creation. 



Note:In this screenshot stories have been titled "Content"
By tapping the stories tab, users will be redirected to the create a new story page.  For more details go to Stories.
PitchWhen tapping this tab, users will be prompted to choose either "Document" or "Presentation." The user will be directed to the appropriate page depending on the selection.  For more information go to Pitch Builder Document and Pitch Builder Presentation.
NoteThis tab will redirect users to a new Note page. For more information go to Note.
Log MeetingThis tab will show a list of completed meetings, as well as give the option to Log an Unscheduled Meeting. For more information go to Log Meeting.
Screen RecordingUsers can record their actions by selecting the "Start Screen Recording" at the bottom of this tab. Users also may record themselves and their voices by enabling the toggle actions of Device Camera and Microphone. For more information go to Screen Recording.
HubShareThis tab will prompt a HubShare Email template. For more information go to HubShare.
Device ShareThis tab allows users to Add files to the Device Share. For more information go to Device Share.
DocumentUsers can create a new word based document in the Hub. For more information go to Document
PresentationUsers can create a slideshow presentation in the Hub
SpreadsheetUsers can create a Spreadsheet for data collection in the Hub.
Content DraftsAll content created, but not published by a user will appear here.